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5 Tips to Ensure a Safe Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

5 Tips to Ensure a Safe Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery : helping you  Making Yourself


The Brazilian butt lift or BBL has gained massive popularity these past few years, for both good and sad reasons.

But when done right, it can be one of the most rewarding things you can do to your body—or in this case, for your booty.

To ensure your safety and satisfaction, below are five BBL safety precautions you and your chosen plastic surgeon should always exercise.

1) Know the risks and possible complications.

Your surgeon must explain to you the risks of BBL surgery: Some of the risks include infection, poor wound healing, fluid accumulation, changes in skin sensation, skin discoloration, and scarring.

One surgical technique to achieve the BBL is the intramuscular fat injection technique. With this technique, there’s a possibility that the cannula might be injected too deep into the muscles, hitting a blood vessel and causing a fat embolism.

To avoid this, your plastic surgeon should inject the fat into the subcutaneous tissues instead


2) Use fat, not fillers.

The FDA has approved silicane and fillers for use in breast augmentation and facelift surgeries, they are not recommended for a BBL. But there are some non-board-certified plastic surgeons offering these alternatives for a BBL as a low cost option.

The correct BBL procedure BBL involves harvesting fat from other parts of your body and injecting it into your buttocks to increase their volume. Using fillers in place of fat can create unsatisfactory results that might lead to revision surgery. Worse, it can result in fatal complications.


3) Have your BBL performed in a hospital

Many plastic surgeons perform BBL and other surgeries inside their clinics. But the truth is, it’s safer to do the procedure in an accredited hospital.

In a hospital, your surgeon has access to all emergency equipment that you might need in case something goes wrong. He can also request for additional staff as needed.

Plus, you can stay in a hospital while you’re recovering from your surgery.


4) Follow your recovery and prep instructions.

The actual BBL surgery is half the battle. If you want to achieve your desired results, you must follow your doctor’s pre-op and post-op instructions.

Before your surgery, you have to stop smoking and taking certain medications to help you heal faster.

It’s also important to note that BBL recovery is between four to eight weeks, so you shouldn’t do any strenuous activities during that period. You should also invest in certain products that will help alleviate the post-op discomfort of surgery such as swelling, fluid retention and discharge and other effects.

You need to rest in order to heal and a good post-op recovery pillow is a must-have, such as Wilkoco's BBL pillow


5) Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive BBL experience.

As with any plastic surgery, finding a trained, experienced, and board-certified plastic surgeon is an absolute must.

Since a BBL isn’t a one-size-fits-all procedure, what works for one patient may not work for you. Your plastic surgeon should tailor the steps based on your body’s varying levels of fats and muscles.

Your surgeon should also provide you with safety precautions and manage your expectations regarding the surgery and the subsequent recovery. You must discuss all these with your surgeon before undergoing the procedure.




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