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5 Tips to get the most recovery effect from your Therapeutic BBL Pillow

1) Ensure the pillow lifts and elevates your butt well-off the seating surface – try not to place any pressure on the newly grafted fat cells. A comfy BBL Pillow is nice (especially after surgery!) but don’t sacrifice your newly built figure for a pillow that doesn’t ‘lift’ enough.


2) Sit on firmer seats or chairs with very little ‘give’ – you may sink too deeply into a soft cushioned seat/chair/couch even with a BBL Pillow on top, risking placing pressure on your butt.


3) Don’t sit too long – Doctors recommend you get up and move around for at least 5 minutes every hour after a BBL procedure, so that there is not too much compression or constriction on your lower thighs slowing or restricting lymph flow.

Constricted lymph flow is one of the main causes of swelling after a trauma-event such as surgery, and if lymph flow is restricted for too long, it can lead to fibrosis lumps or lymphedema.

The Wilkoco Therapeutic BBL Pillow reduces compression and helps with fluid circulation while you sit due to its innovative design, being the only BBL Pillow made with nodules on the top surface, providing a pressure differential to your skin surface while sitting, encouraging cellular fluid micro-circulations.  


4) Move around a bit while sitting and breathe deeply. Deep breathing and movement encourages lymph flow. If you can obtain a BBL Pillow with surface nodules or dimples, such as the Wilkoco Therapeutic BBL Pillow, the pressure differences caused by the nodules may enhance or aid the lymph flow created by your moving.


5) Combine your sitting (on a BBL Pillow) with a warm foot bath (107F or 42C). Studies have shown that a warm foot bath increases lymphatic flow by 117% (source)

(kill 2 birds with one stone! – add Epsom Salts to the warm water to help with sleep, stress & magnesium deficiency  problems)

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