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Brazilian Booty Lift Pre-Op supplies for your recovery time

Brazilian Booty Lift Pre-Op supplies for your recovery time:

Just a quick 'n' dirty list for your recovery needs : this list is in no way comprehensive - you may find other necessary items : send us a message if you have other needful things to enhance and improve a BBL recovery!


Personal Pads

Stage1 Compression Garment  (Faja)

Lipo foams

Female standing urination device

Wilkoco BBL Pillow

Arnica Gel/creams

Comfrey creams

Medical Tape

Medical Gauze pads

Moisturizing creams

Bath/Shower brush/sponge/loofah

Liquid body wash


Anti-bacterial soap

Stool softner (in case of opiate-based painkillers)



Loose clothing

Entertainment – electronics, books, magazines, music (headphones/earbuds)

Eyemask (it’s always hard sleeping in a new environment, especially if you are feeling some soreness)

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