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Can I drink after my BBL? and why not Right Away??

When is it alright to begin drinking again after my surgery? And why can’t I drink immediately?


First : Our bodies treat alcohol as a toxin. It is absorbed through your bloodstream (rather than your digestive tract) and metabolized in your liver. As it's a toxin your body prioritizes getting rid of it, so other metabolic processes such as digesting food are put on the 'back-burner'  - This means food is often 'accelerated' through the digestive system while the body deals with the alcohol, and so the nutrients and water are not properly absorbed and can lead to digestion or elimination issues.

Additionally if you've eaten other high calorie foods (like hitting the yiros or nachos stand after a drinking session - or the drinks are sweet cocktails so high in calories); your body will shunt all the extra calories to fat while it deals with the alcohol. Once the alcohol is eliminated, then normal digestion processes resume.


Second : Often meals are associated with alcohol - who doesn't enjoy a nice meal and glass of wine?  – and if we over-indulge? - we generally crave and eat sweet and salty foods - the extra sodium increases the amount of water your body holds onto - so that increases immediate bloating, and the fructose in the sweet foods can stimulate the already-overworked liver into producing excess lymph fluid; resulting in additional swelling...


Third : As your liver is processing the alcohol, it produces as a by-product extra lymph fluid. This excess lymph is then sent throughout your body where it tends to accumulate at your procedure areas (locations where fat was harvested, or deposited), or the extremities - eg ankles, calves and wrists and hands. This extra lymph can sit in place at the surgery areas, and if not drained away it can release dissolved proteins, fibrotic materials and other waste products which can bond to the underlying muscle tissue and produce fibrotic strands, quickly turning into visible and potentially disfiguring fibrosis. 


Fourth : This excess swelling in your procedure areas and extremities then places extra pressure on the newly injected fat, and if that pressure is prolonged, it can lead to a higher rate of fat cell death and so reduce the overall size and volume you might have ended up with once fully healed.


Fifth : Alcohol thins the blood and slows healing, leading to undesirable results after a BBL/Lipo procedure such as scarring, slowed open wound healing, fibrosis & increased infection risk.


Sixth : Alcohol immediately after surgery can increase the risk of prolonged bleeding, and can be lethal when mixed with pain medications such as oxycodone, morphine, etc


So in summary - drinking alcohol while you are healing from a BBL procedure could result in slower healing, increased swelling, increased risk of post-op problems like fibrosis, may result in a smaller overall butt size and shape and and possibly worse of all - be lethal! 
Don't go through all this trouble, time, cost and pain for a suboptimal or even fatal result!  

In reality it’s best to stick bubbly water for at least a few weeks after your surgery - For best results try to not start drinking any booze for several months until your body has fully healed, all incisions are closed, the grafted fat and bonded to it’s new location, and all your post-op swelling has gone. Sorry for bad news!


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