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Fructose - Friend or Foe?

While researching BBL Recovery methods, I found out that Fructose, a sugar found naturally in most fruits (and that is 50% of sucrose - table sugar), and is everywhere in highly processed foods; is actually a mortal enemy to anyone recovering from a surgery.

Can this be true?

Is this something your surgeons, consultants or message boards informed you about?


It turns out that when fructose is ingested, it is directly metabolized in the liver. In the liver the fructose is converted into several metabolites, including glucose, which is used for cellular energy.

But in the processes of fructose metabolization, the liver, if it is stressed, will produce excessive amounts of lymphatic fluid. 

What can cause the liver to be under stress? Various diseases and illnesses; including fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, and recent physical bodily trauma - such as surgery! 

Thats right, BBL and Lipo surgery both cause stress to the liver, and any fructose consumed will result in an excessive production of lymphatic fluid!

This excess lymph fluid will be pumped through the body normally, but if it comes to an area where blood and lymph vessels have been disturbed or broken it will accumulate : this will lead to excessive swelling which can hinder and slow your recovery.

A Liposuction site where fat cells have been harvested and the skin tissues separated from the underlying muscles tissues will accumulate excessive swelling....

And in the buttocks where 500-1500cc's of fat have been forcibly injected into an area, leading to crowding of fat cells and the crushing of nutrient vessels.. will accumulate excessive selling....

So now you know one of the tools you need to improve your recovery is to minimize fructose in your diet. 

But you've been told to eat clean - lots of fruits and vegies to recover - right? but lots of fruits and veg means lots of fructose...... but obviously fresh fruits and vegies are good for you - but just not right after surgery it seems.

This piece of research alone shows that we need to take anecdotal information from the message boards and FB groups and sometimes even the doctors themselves with a pinch of low-soduim salt. Sometimes the obvious things like eating fresh healthy fruits, aren't the right certain times.

Good luck with your researching!


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