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How Do You Eat So You Don't Lose Your BBL Butt?

How To Eat after your BBL so you don’t lose your Butt ?

To increase fat – you need to eat more food (caloric energy) than you expend. During the liposuction procedure, fat is physically removed from your stomach and other areas, and injected into your butt to plump it up and create your desired figure and this begins the grafting process.  

This newly injected fat needs a certain amount of nutrients and energy to graft and bond to it’s new location as fast as possible, and to minimise the amount of fat that is lost to reabsorption or cell death. So you need to be getting enough healthy nutrients as soon as possible after your procedure to help these fat cells to settle and graft appropriately.

But for most people there is a problem - after surgery you often don’t feel that great, and might not feel like eating a hearty 3 course meal! Reduced sugar, High-Protein and fat-rich smoothies or shakes are a great option soon after surgery.  

Think of fat cells as like balloons that store energy. If you restrict your food intake (diet) and increase your energy expenditure (exercise), you use up the stored energy in the fat cells, and they deflate. There is a misconception that after a fat cell has deflated, it dies or gets consumed by your body’s cellular processes. This is NOT the case! The fat cells survive!

The only way you can permanently remove fat cells is by physically cutting them out – which is what the liposuction process achieves. So when you have lipo on your stomach – you will no longer have fat cells in that location (except for any stray fat cells the surgeon’s instruments missed). But if you consume lots of excess energy, then the body can be stimulated to create brand new fat cells, and these will grow in traditional fat storage areas – ie in the locations where they were removed in the lipo process.

So yes: you CAN regrow your fat cells and revert back to your pre-lipo figure if you eat too much excess food!

So you can see it’s a fine line – eat enough food to help the grafted fat cells survive and maintain your new figure, but not so much food to regrow fat cells in your lipo’d areas.

But How do you lose weight without losing your new butt?

As mentioned previously, fat cells behave like balloons – they inflate when they store excess energy, and they deflate when this excess energy is used up. Once a fat cell has been grown or grafted, it is there forever, unless it is physically removed.

So you can increase energy expenditure (ie exercise) and decrease energy intake (ie diet) sometime after you've recovered from your lipo and BBL surgery (once you are confident that your transplanted fat has grafted and survived and the swelling has abated).

This combo of increased expenditure and decreased intake will result in fat burning and reduce the total fat stored throughout your body. The fat cells that were grafted in your butt will survive and remain, but may deflate somewhat if your energy expenditure is greater than intake for a long period.

Once you’ve achieved the size and shape you want through diet and exercise, then you can begin increasing caloric intake to find the ‘sweetspot’ – the point where the fat reserves increase in the areas you want ie in your new butt, however theres just not enough caloric intake to stimulate fat cell regrowth in the lipo’d areas, so you keep your slim tummy and waste. This is a balancing act you will have to maintain to keep your figure!


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