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How do you Feed The Fat after a BBL?

How do you Feed The Fat after a BBL?

Can you help the Fluff Fairy do it’s thing?

So what can you do after your procedure help keep, or grow more fat on your new booty?

In order to grow fat, you need an energy excess over your expenditure – put simply you must eat more energy than you use per day.  However we’re not saying it’s time to go all out at the nearest buffet! Your energy gain needs to be smart and measured. If you take in too much energy too fast, and from the wrong sources, you will start to accumulate visceral fat – this is the fat that is laid over and wrapped around and between your organs and makes your belly protrude (think about bloke’s beer-bellies!) – and visceral fat cannot be removed by the next round of liposuction – it’s too deep and under the muscle layers. If you want to avoid the beer-belly look, don’t try to add too much fat too fast from the wrong foods!

So what are the wrong sources of energy? Alcohol, high-fat, high-salt and high-carb diets, and fat-rich processed foods such as fast-food. These are almost designed to increase the wrong types of fat-gain in our bodies!

We need fats in our diet, but the fats need to be from healthy sources and we need to choose the foods we eat wisely (the ketogenic diet crowd will go so far to say that fats should make up most of our diet, while reducing the carbohydrate intake to nil – and many are reporting that these high fat diets are actually resulting in overall fat and weight loss! – but that’s an article for another day!) 

Look for healthy sources such as oily fish like salmon or anchovies. Also look for fat-rich red meats where the animals are pasture-raised rather than corn-fed. Pasture-raised animals have been found to have a much healthier fat profile compared to corn-fed animals.  Another obvious  healthy fat source are free-range eggs.

If your aiming to gain fat - try to add some additional healthy fats to your current diet, or if you think your diet is already quite healthy but you’re not seeing any gains, start adding some healthy oils in small amounts to gradually increase your energy intake  - coconut oil to smoothies, olive oil vinaigrettes or dressings to salads or side dishes. If you can’t get a lot of fatty fish in your diet, consider taking fish-oil supplements, doctors are becoming more aware of the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids in our diets.

A slow measured gain of healthy fats added to your diet over time, will have a much more positive effect on your overall figure and go a long way towards the ‘fluffing’ effect on your new booty, compared to force-feeding yourself with every kind of fat-filled fried fast food.

Think of it this way – when you are feeding a baby – you are feeding them by the spoonful and waiting for them to finish each mouthful before feeding the next - not stuffing food in by funnel to get the fastest growth possible!! Treat your new booty that same way – small gentle increases in healthy fats over time – not oil by the bucket!  You don’t want to have to undergo another round of lipo because you ruined your snatched waist with facefulls of burgers and fries!!

Good luck and happy eating!

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