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How Does a BBL Pillow help me recover after undergoing surgery?

Doctors recommend not placing any pressure on your buttocks (ie sitting or lying down) for approximately 4-8 weeks after having BBL surgery.


The Wilkoco BBL Pillow helps you to sit by transferring your weight from your buttocks to your thighs, while keeping your buttocks elevated off the chair and hanging freely over the back of the pillow.

The reason this is necessary is that the pressure caused when sitting directly on your buttocks can restrict blood flow to the newly grafted fat cells, killing them and ruining your new shape.

Wilkoco recommends you to sit on firmer seats or chairs – If you sit on the pillow on a soft cushioned sofa or lounge, this may result in the BBL pillow sinking into the sofa cushion, so that your buttocks come in contact and under pressure.  

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