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How will you feel the first day or 2 straight out of surgery?

Answers to a common question from a BBL client soon after she had her procedure:

How will you feel the first day or 2 straight out of surgery?


  • Honestly - pretty crappy!
  • you wake up cold & shaking
  • your skin doesn’t feel normal, you feel swollen and puffy
  • you can’t sleep peacefully – normal sleeping positions hurt
  • fluid builds up and you feel constantly swollen
  • you have to get Lymphatic Drainage Massages daily (and they can hurt!)
  • fluid still builds up - so do self massage -it  can hurt!
  • sometimes your stitches will dissolve but often your incisions close faster than they can fall out and they have to be cut out
  • you’re hungry every 5 mins, but can’t poop because of constipation caused by the opiate painkillers
  • Your butt crack hurts!!
  • And get a good faja - a poor-fitting faja can rub on incisions and make them constantly itch
  • Once you can go to the loo, you can’t wipe properly coz your butt & butt-crack hurts!

We recommend have someone with you for the first few days of your recovery, either partner, family or a friend, or book a recovery home.

Recovering from any form of surgery is not fun, but this is truly a case of self-inflicted pain - for long term happiness and gain! You are building your figure for you, and this is just a necessary hurdle on your journey. Good luck with your recovery.

The Wilkoco Team

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