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Is it ok to workout right up to my Procedure date?

Is it ok to workout right up to my Procedure date?

Absolutely, and infact it’s not only ok – most surgeons prefer you to workout right up to the surgery date!

The reason for this is simple – patients with a good amount of muscle mass have a better expected recovery outcome!

Recent research in cancer patients has found that low muscle mass was linked to greater post-operative complications, hospitalization and mortality.

Building muscle and preparing your body prior to surgery has even been recognized with a name - Prehabilitation or Prehab. 

So if you enjoy working out and building your body, keep at it right up to your surgery date, as the additional muscle mass will help improve and accelerate your recovery; and once your procedure is complete and you have fully recovered and your doctor has given you the all-clear – get back into it!

Not only will working out help you feel better and improve your recovery outcome; you are building the perfect foundation for the grafted fat to sit on and will help create your ideal figure!

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