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One way to Gain Weight for a BBL if you're a smaller lady

Sometimes the smaller or lighter women may need to gain some weight, so they’ve enough fat to be harvested for a BBL. The below is from which discuses a method by which Sumo wrestlers quickly gain weight, so they can excel in their sport.
This may be an option to follow for a time to raise your weight in the short term. However keep in mind fat that’s gained fast is fat that may also be lost fast once your standard eating and exercise regime is resumed.
How to Gain weight like a Sumo wrestler
1. They skip breakfast.
This helps slow down your metabolism in the morning. Eating speeds it up.
2. Exercise in a fasted state / empty stomach for 3-5 hours.
This increases cortisol and stress hormones, so your body is now in a “fat conservation” and “survival” mode.
3. Eat two, large meals daily. Typically at 11 am and about 8 hours later.
4. Sleep after each meal. 4 hours after meal 1 and overnight after the last meal.
This helps convert the food for storage, not used for energy. Especially meal #2.
5. Eat LOTS of calories, primarily from carbs, a little bit of protein and almost no fat.
This causes high insulin/blood sugar levels, which stores the food as fat.
6. Drink lots of beer with both meals.
Alcohol increases estrogen levels, which creates more body fat, especially beer. Alcohol also stimulates your body to secrete excess levels of cortisol (your stress hormone), which in turn, causes your body to store fat in your abdominal area, thus creating that famous “beer belly” look. This is great for a Sumo wrestler because their big belly makes them more stable in the ring.
7. Eat with friends.
During the two times they eat, it’s done with at least one other person and typically a few friends or teammates. Research shows that when you eat a meal with others, you’ll take in 44% more food and over 30% more carbs and fats, than if you were to eat alone.
Good luck on your journey!

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