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Preparation for your BBL surgery

Preparation for your BBL surgery
If you are reading this with some time prior to your BBL Procedure, Heres a tip that might make your preparation leading to the day of your procedures a bit more bearable; it may also be useful if you need to drop a few lbs to get under a BMI threshold your doctor has set:
Practice intermittent fasting and eat proteins and fats to make your body enter ketosis (reduce carbs to below 20grams per day while maintaining hydration and electrolytes) for several days, or even weeks, leading up to your surgery – this will make the day of fasting for the BBL operation so much easier (simply as you’ll be more used to it).
Research shows that a fasting period before and after the operation can speedup recovery by reducing inflammation and pain, and increasing autophagy (a process where the body scavenges and recycles old cells).
If you’ve gotten your body used to not eating for a time period, for example 16hrs at a time (eg 6pm to 10am), then the fasting on the day of your procedure will be so much easier to deal with.
It will also help if you can continue to fast for a period after your procedure, but when you do break the fast, eat protein and fats, rather than carbs, to maintain ketosis and take advantage of the body’s natural healing and anti-inflammatory processes.
Here is a youtube link explaining this process : (I’ve no affiliation, it’s just good info)
Once you’re a day or two past your procedure, you can resume normal eating if you wish.
Hope this is useful

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