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The BBL ‘Fluff Fairy’ – What is it and when will it visit?

The BBL ‘Fluff Fairy’ – What is it and when will it visit?

What is the Fluff Fairy?
The fluff fairy is a magical being that visits good girls who’ve had a BBL and imparts the most wonderful curvaceous booty you’ve been dreaming of! It’s a thing of Myth and Beauty!

Well no….Whilst in reality there is no little creature imparting round, soft beautiful bootyness, in a medical sense, the effect the fluff fairy has is real!

What can you Expect?

There is a time period after you’ve undergone a BBL where you can expect your skin to stretch and expand to adapt to the newly inserted fat. This is the fat you’ve had harvested from other sites on your body, such as hips, thighs or stomach among others.

When the fat is initially injected into your buttocks, the extra volume stretches and presses upon your skin, and may feel a warm, tightening sensation. This is your skin stretching to accommodate the new fat cells. Over time the skin gradually stretches out to adapt to the new fat, and ‘fluffs’ out. Your skin is very elastic, and if it is stretched out for some time, it will eventually stay at that size and wont retract back to it’s original size. This stretching then relaxing to the new size is the ‘fluff’ period.

This Fluffing period will differ between patients, but most can expect it to occur around 6-8weeks after the BBL procedure, but for some it may take longer, even 3-4months.Your natural skin elasticity, age, weight, and personal genetic makeup all will influence how long this stretching and relaxing period will take.

What you will See

It’s important to remember that your booty will have a different shape immediately after the BBL procedure compared to 6months later. Some of the grafted fat will be re-absorbed (some doctors estimate as much as 40% may be re-absorbed, depending on the patient), and the skin stretching-relaxing phase will also impart some effect on your overall results.


Helping the Fairy

There are several things you can do to help during the fluffing period so you get the best possible result.

  • Follow your Doctors advise : Don’t sit on your new butt! - Placing pressure on the newly grafted fat cells may compress and restrict blood and nutrient flow that the fat cells need to graft quickly. This may result in uneven grafting, and visually leave you with an odd or flat shape.


  • Use a purpose-designed BBL Pillow to elevate your butt off the chair surface when sitting. Be aware some BBL Pillows may compress or 'squish down' over time and you may be placing pressure on your butt surface without even knowing it, or the surface of the pillow may pinch or press into your skin, and restrict circulation or lymph flow. Try to sit for shorter periods of time – get up and move every 15minutes to keep circulation moving, and allow this type of BBL Pillow to regain it’s proper size.


  • Reduce Swelling and Improve Lymph Flow - Any surgery results in swelling. Work to reduce swelling quickly as the increased pressure from the trapped and stagnant fluids may compress or restrict the nutrient flow to the new fat cells. Additionally; proteins suspended in trapped lymph fluid may settle and congeal within your tissues, leading to visually unsightly fibrotic lumps and bumps. Reduce that swelling as fast as you can!


  • Your doctor will recommend Lymphatic Drainage Massages – Do these! You can take other actions as well, such as dry skin brushing, self-massage to help move fluids, hot foot baths (at least 104F / 40C – found to improve lymphatic flow through the legs and thighs), or you can take over the counter supplements such as Diosmin to support lymph flow (more info on Diosmin & Lymph flow here)


  • Wilkoco has created a patent-pending, purpose-designed Therapeutic BBL Pillow which has a pressure-spreading effect to address some of the above concerns – the pillow elevates your butt off the chair surface, as well as reduces compression on your circulation and lymphatic systems through its comfortable, pressure-spreading nodules – leading to a better overall nutrient flow and recovery. A free-flowing lymph system has a much lower risk of developing ongoing problems from swelling.

To sum up

The fluff fairy’s effect is real – tho it’s results will differ for different people, depending on their personal particulars (age, weight, etc). Generally it’s effect will start to be seen 6-8 weeks post procedure, but may take longer for some. How much your skin expands and ‘fluffs out’ depends on how elastic your skin is, how much volume you’ve had injected & how much is re-absorbed.

Work quickly after your procedure to help alleviate swelling, and thereafter follow your doctor’s prescribed post-op recommendations, stay healthy, recover well, and fluff fairy's magical effect will be seen in time!

Good Luck with your New Curves!

The Wilkoco Team


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