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What BBL post-op workout is best?

What workouts should you do to maintain your butt and stomach post-op?

If you’ve been working out prior to your procedure to build a solid foundation of muscle for your lipo’d fat to sit on and graft to, you’ll want to at least maintain that foundation. A well-built gluteus (buttock) muscle will help to create a round, proportionate shape once the transplanted fat has grafted and you’ve fully healed. Especially if it is matched with a slim waist achieved either from dieting, gyming, or from lipo – creating the coveted, pleasing-to-the-eye feminine hourglass figure.

You can help to achieve this with a range of glute – focused exercises both pre and post BBL procedure.

The 2 main excersizes include:

1) Squats and their variations (sissy squats, hack squats, alternate leg squats, pistol squats, etc) 

2) Deadlifts and their variations (straight-leg DL, sumo DL, trap-bar DL, wide-grip DL, etc)

These 2 will be the mainstays of your glute-based routines. There is so much variation in the exercise selection, and as they target such large muscles you have the capacity to focus an entire workout around them. Plus they require a lot of energy during the workout and during recovery, so these are also great exercises to really push at if you are trying to burn off some excess fat.

Plus there are other glute-focused exercises such as lunges, hip thrusts/glute-bridges, and these also have a range of variations.

Supporting musculature will also get some side-benefit, such as hamstrings and quad’s, plus these are also large muscles and benefit from focused workouts.

So once healed and recovered, and you have your Doc's green-light - hit the gym and hit those weights! The buttcks, quads and hammies love a hard n heavy workout! So don't be afraid to work them hard, and reap the benefits!

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