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When Can I Exercise after my BBL procedure?

When Can I Exercise after my BBL procedure?

Doctors recommend light walking at week2-3 post op, depending on how you are feeling  and your recovery to-date (light meaning not pushing yourself and getting puffed-out – the sort of walking pace where you can converse easily without sounding a bit out of breath)

Week 4-5 you might start feeling like a bit more harder-paced walking, but keep away from any impact or pressure-on-the-butt based work (ie cycling or rowing)

About week 5-6 post op is the generally recommended time to start moderate intensity exercise.

Start light and go easy on the excessive skin- stretching  exercises (such as squats, deadlifts and hip thrusts) but these are of course excellent exercise choices for butt-building and body shaping going forward as your recovery progresses.

You should have no issue with upper body weight-lifting : the traditional body-builder exercises include Overhead pressing, Pulldowns, weighted rows & chest presses, and of course arm and shoulder work.

Keep in mind that if you choose a high energy exercise program and a low calorie diet, that you may reduce the size of your new butt (by reducing body fat throughout your body) and undo all your hardwork to-date. But any fat loss will be lost proportionately throughout your body

On the other hand, if your increase your caloric intake over your daily energy usage , then you will of course increase your body fat throughout your body, including your new butt.  Unless this weight gain is excessive, your body and booty should grow in size proportionately.

By week 8 (depending on you, how you feel, and the type of procedure you’ve undergone and your Doc’s recommendations) you should be good-to-go on the high intensity workout of your choice

Hope this helps, Shaun from Wilkoco

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