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When can I start working out after my BBL procedure?

When can I start working out after my procedure?


Most surgeons recommend holding off on any vigorous workouts until at least 6-8week post-op, as you need to give yourself time to heal. However your body does need some movement leading up to those 6-8weeks.

Use low impact, gentle movements such as walking, light stretching or taichi. Such light exercise will stimulate lymph flow and help reduce swelling. Don’t overdo it in the early stages, your body has just gone through an extremely traumatic experience and needs time to rest and recuperate.

After some time (generally 6-8weeks depending on your own recovery abilities) your doctor will give you the all-clear to begin more vigorous activities and you can begin light resistance work, hiking, gentle cardio, etc. Don’t go too hard - give it some time to get back in the groove! When you do begin more strenuous workouts, try to keep impact or pressure- based workouts to a minimum for a further few weeks – ie bouncing, riding.

While your transplanted fat is most likely well grafted by now, reducing impact and pressure will ensure that the injected fat has the best chance to fix, grow and produce daughter cells for the longer term.   

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