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Why you should Encourage and Improve Lymphatic Flows after a BBL

Why you should Encourage and Improve Lymphatic Flows after a BBL

Any surgery, but especially a BBL & Liposuction procedure - will impart great trauma on your body. Part of the Lipo technique includes separating your skin from the underlying tissue in order to remove the local fat cells. These fat cells are then made aseptic and reinjected into your BBL sites.

Because of this separation of tissues and introduction of new fat cells is physically traumatic to local areas on your body, your lymphatic circulation system will be compromised in those areas. The Lymphatic system is a drainage network of fluid, organs and vessels that removes cellular debris, proteins, foreign bodies and excess fluids from the spaces between your tissue cells.

When tissues are separated that lymphatic drainage system is compromised until the tissues can be re-attached and re-vascularized. Likewise in the areas where fat has been introduced; these fat cells must also be vascularized (ie receive a nourishing bloodflow) in order to survive. Until this re-attachment and vascularization has taken place, lymph flows will be restricted and compromised.

This trauma to your system results in slowing, thickening or stagnating of the lymph in those tissues. But not only in those local tissues – if the lymph is stagnated in an area, then fresh lymph can’t be pumped in and leads to a ‘backing-up’ of your whole system. The vascular system has been broken, and needs time to re-establish. Slowed or stagnated lymph flows can result in excess swelling and discomfort, and can lead to physical and medical problems such as excessive swelling (Edema), Fibrosis and Lymphedema, and not just in the area where the surgery took place but often in the extremities such as legs, feet and hands,  where the lymph becomes trapped and stagnates.

Hence why it is so important to begin re-establishing lymph flows soon after your surgery.

Your surgeon will most likely recommend Lymphatic Drainage Massages and these are an excellent way to get lymph moving again. Physical methods to use in combination with the LDM’s are dry skin brushing and self-massage, light exercise such as walking and hot foot baths. When resting we recommend the Wilkoco Therapeutic BBL Pillow – for lifting your butt off your seat so you don’t compress the new fat cells and encouraging local lymph micro-circulation – keep in mind not all BBL lifting pillows encourage lymph flow – some can actually decrease circulation due to a compressive effect. Do your research thoroughly – don’t compromise your figure or investment with an inferior pillow – it may do more damage than good!  There are also some supplemental remedies that can be tried to encourage lymph flows, such as Pineapple tea, lymphatic drops and Diosmin.

As you can see there are many reasons why you should be encouraging your lymph-flow after a BBL procedure, as well as many methods to try.

Good Luck on your BBL Journey !

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