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Wilkoco's Therapeutic BBL Pillow now available!

Amazon has Come Through! 

Our Therapeutic BBL Pillow is now available in Amazon after a long wait. 

We're excited to present the Wilkoco Therapeutic BBL Support Pillow, which is both comfortable, lifts your butt off any sitting surface and most importantly, helps to improve your lymph circulation thereby improving your BBL recovery.

The Therapeutic BBL Pillow has been specifically designed to spread your weight and pressure when sitting via the inbuilt foam nodules. These nodules press into the skin surface creating a pressure-differential and micro-stimulations to your skin and muscle tissues as you sit - and this is what drives lymph-circulation within your tissues through a micro-pumping effect. Enabling good lymph flow after your surgery is a key to helping to reduce swelling and improve your recovery, while also working to help reduce post-operative risks. 

Other BBL lifting pillows have the potential to actually hinder lymph circulation by simply being a block of firm foam, or by being a block of foam with a memory foam layer on the surface! - Both variations have the potential to compress, restrict and constrict normal circulation of lymph, as there is a major lymph channel on the underside of your thighs. 

Poor lymph flow is a known hazard to any surgical recovery - restricted or stagnant lymph can lead to excessive swelling after a surgical procedure, especially one so traumatic to the body as Liposuction. If poor lymph flow is not addressed and repaired quickly, it can lead to unsightly and potentially dangerous health problems such as fibrosis and lymphedema!

The Wilkoco Therapeutic BBL Pillow has a patent-pending design to specifically help reduce these risks. Don't risk your investment and shapely figure you've gone through so much to obtain with an inferior BBL lifting pillow!  Your recovery needs more than just a block of foam

Sit with peace of mind on the Wilkoco Therapeutic BBL Pillow.

Get it here now.



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