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Collection: The Official Therapeutic BBL Post-Surgery Support Pillow

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The Official Wilkoco Therapeutic BBL Pillow 

The only BBL Pillow designed to help promote lymphatic micro-circulation by creating differential zones of higher and lower pressure on your skin surface, as well as comfortably elevate your butt off your the seat, so as not to damage the newly grafted fat cells.

Lymphatic circulation can slow or stagnate after BBL & Lipo surgery, and this reduced lymph flow can result in swelling, lymphedemas and unsightly fibrosis.

Doctors recommend improving lymphatic flow after BBL & Lipo surgery to reduce swelling and the risk of  these medical complications. 

The Wilkoco Therapeutic BBL Pillow is the ONLY post-surgery support pillow specifically designed to improve localized lymphatic flow and to work hand-in-hand with your regular Doctor-recommended Lymphatic Drainage Massages.

Covered in easy-clean machine-washable neoprene material, topped with our Signature plush, luxurious faux-lambswool.


  • Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow
    WILKOCO Therapeutic BBL Pillow comfortably lifts and elevates while not constricting circulation or lymph flow
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