Making Yourself

WILKOCO Therapeutic BBL Pillow comfortably lifts and elevates while not constricting circulation or lymph flow
WILKOCO Therapeutic BBL Pillow, the ONLY BBL Support Pillow that comfortably lifts and also enables circulation and lymph flow, improving your recovery .
WILKOCO Therapeutic BBL Pillow : AnyChair-AnyWhere!
WILKOCO Therapeutic BBL Pillow, lifts while enabling circulation and lymph flow, to improve your recovery while helping minimize risks of post-op complications
WILKOCO Therapeutic BBL Pillow, home, car or office - helping to comfortably lift and support your new butt as you heal. Helping you in making yourself!
WILKOCO Therapeutic BBL Pillow - Patent-Pending 3part Foam body design. The Base layer provides the support. The middle layer Memory Foam provides comfort conforming to your shape.  The top layer of nodules provide a Pressure-Spreading and Massage effect that helps enable adequate circulation and lymph-flow. Poor or constricted lymph flow has been correlated with excessive swelling, fibrosis and lymphedema. Get your WILKOCO BBL Pillow for lift, comfort and peace of mind!
WILKOCO Therapeutic BBL Pillow. Your Best recovery requires the ONLY BBL Pillow that is designed to do the job.

Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow

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The Official Wilkoco Therapeutic BBL Pillow

The only BBL Post-Surgery Support Pillow specifically designed (patent-pending) to help promote lymphatic micro-circulation by creating differential zones of higher and lower pressure on your skin surface, as well as comfortably elevate your butt off the seat surface.

No other BBL Pillow is designed to help stimulate lymph flow, which is CRUCIAL in helping to reduce the risk of post-surgical complications such lymphedema or fibrosis.

You've spent $1000's on your BBL and Lipo procedures: don't risk future medical complications, or unsightly swelling or fibrotic lumps & bumps by choosing an inferior support pillow.


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